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Attendance at AIBS annual conference

A number of our lawyers attended the annual Australian Institute of Building Surveyors Conference and presented a paper on the Ralan and Burwood Council case regarding the validity of construction certificates. Link to paper
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Amazonia Hotels Pty Ltd v Council of the City of Sydney

We were successful on behalf of the applicant in its appeal against Council's deemed refusal of a development application for alterations and additions to the Empire Hotel in Potts Point. The appeal raised the issue of whether the Land and Environment Court has the jurisdiction to decide a...
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Rose Bay Marina modification

We were successful in obtaining an approval in the Land and Environment Court for a modification of the Rose Bay Marina. The Marina (the two-armed marina in the left of the photo) was modified by permitting 3 of the 4 berths at the northern end of Arm B (the longer arm) to accommodate 37m long...
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