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Natural Sandstone Rock Face defended in Mosman

Roslyn McCulloch, Partner at Pikes & Verekers Lawyers, successfully defended Mosman Council’s refusal of an application to build a basement garage which would have included excavation into a natural sandstone rock feature which is adjacent to a heritage listed “divided...
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Approval for 4 Storey Residential Flat Building in Coogee

Roslyn McCulloch, a Partner and a Senior Counsel were recently involved in facilitating consent orders between an applicant and Randwick Council concerning a proposal for demolition of existing structures over two lots (including a tennis court and house), site consolidation and construction of...
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It’s Time to go Back to the Future on Clause 4.6

Gary Green, a Partner of our firm has been practicing in Local Government, Environmental and Planning Law since the inception of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act in 1979. He has witnessed and participated in the Act’s evolution over more than 35 years and is a pre-eminent...
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Masterplans and Site Isolation

Gary Green and Alistair Knox successfully ran an appeal in the Land and Environment Court relating to the development of a residential flat building in Petersham. The main issue in the proceedings was whether as a result of the development an adjoining site would be isolated.

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